Sunday Brunch in Detroit

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On Sunday my family and I decided to have brunch at The Apparatus Room at the Detroit Foundation Hotel in downtown Detroit. The Detroit Foundation Hotel is a hotel that opened in May 2017, and it is just another beautiful addition to what makes Detroit so unique. Not only does it include two restaurants but a podcast room where you can rent to record a podcast (which is super cool because no other hotel has that).

When we walked in, I found out that the menu at The Apparatus Room is all American cuisine, which already sealed the deal for me since American food is my absolute favorite! The restaurant's interior design had a cozy, gorgeous modern style which made me feel right at home and hanging over the bar were these cool light fixtures that made the restaurant stand out.  For brunch, I got a latte with almond milk and a bowl of steel cut Irish cut oats.

After we ate, we decided to stop by For The Love of Sugar. For The Love of Sugar is a SUPER cute cafe in Detroit where they serve coffee, cake, macarons, and cookies, and I've meant to try this place ever since I've seen pictures of it all over my Instagram feed. The inside of the cafe is French themed with white and Tiffany blue interior, making it feel like you're in a scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's (had to throw in an Audrey Hepburn reference).  What's also cool about FTLOS is that they also serve gluten-free and vegan cakes for anyone who's allergic to gluten or doesn't eat foods with animal-based products. I got a fruity pebbles macaron but I'll to try their birthday cake latte and rainbow cake.  My Sunday in Detroit was super fun, and I can't wait to go back again to explore more of Midtown! :)

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