Perfect Outfit for holiday gift shopping


Hey guys! I’m sorry I’m late with this blog post, the craziness of final exam season is not doing any favors for my schedule. To start off the week, I wanted to share with you guys the perfect outfit for holiday gift shopping. This ensemble is perfect to wear for endless hours of shopping while still looking very chic. For my holiday present shopping day, I decided to layer up and throw on a teddy coat with a red plaid scarf, black jeans, over-the-knee boots, black Gucci belt, ivory bodysuit and a burgundy bag from Kate Spade (out of stock). Teddy coats and jackets are really in this season and I can see why; they’re SUPER warm and cozy. They would also make great gifts for this holiday season, which is a bonus. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for stopping by! :)